Tours and Field Trips: Main Museum Building 1914

Attention: Students, Teachers, Group Leaders, Parents, Families, Individuals, Etc.

Established in 1963

Come and browse the museum located at the intersection of Main and Center in Pima. Admission is FREE; however, we do accept donations.

The 'Main Museum' building was constructed by David H. Weech in 1915 for the operation of the Bank of Pima. The decorative tin ceiling is still in use. To greet you id a 4 shelf display comprised of several donors’ collections of various items (changes periodically). This ‘Indian Room’ is filled with a large sampling of southwestern artifacts, such as pots, bowls, axes, knives, grinding stones, paint pallets and such, with most coming from the local area.

The adjoining ‘pioneer rooms’ are housed in the Old Cluff Hall, built in 1882 of tufa stone, limestone quarried at Bear Springs Flat. This building was used as a Cultural Center by the early residents held there. The first kindergarten was in this building. It is the oldest building in Pima. Contents include an intricate wood carving collection, an extensive barbed wire collection, hand tools, quilts, dolls, hand-work, both men and women’s grooming items, guns and knives, vintage clothing, shoes and jewely. Photos of pioneers adorn the walls. A section is dedicated to military photos and items.

A combination 'music room, bedroom, sitting room' houses a hand carved Box Piano, and an upright piano, vintage bed, wardrobe and sofa and an award winning quilt, as well as more clothing and photos. A small pioneer kitchen adjoins on one side with items of the day and a photo room on the other which tells the history of the residential and business community through pictures.

The Old Rexall Drugstore, operated for many years by Vearl and Ethel Cluff, with the original wood shelving, large mirror and marble counter, is a Reading and Research Room, housing Pima High School Annuals, personal and family histories, drug and beauty items, other artifacts and furniture, and a section of Arizona History books. The complete trial transcript of the "Wham Paymaster Robbery" of 1889 is here also.

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