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Edres Bryant Barney

The gift shop portion of the Eastern Arizona Museum in Pima is worth a trip for Christmas and other gifts. Just in is a shipment of “tool box pens”, a 6 in 1 item. This pen has a stylus, ruler, level double-sided phillips and flathead screwdriver. There is also a supply of small LED flashlights with bottle opener and wrist cord.

NEW BOOK FOR SALE! - Where is John S Green? - By: Vern R. Allred--a great-grandson

Green was a resident of Pima, having come to Arizona in mid-1882 with the Third Cavalry, traveling by rail from Wyoming to Willcox, one of the enlisted men pursuing Geronimo and his small band of renegades in March 1883.

After his 29 month stay at Fort Thomas and his travels around Arizona, he was discharged from the Army January 5, 1885. He took lodging with Thomas and Ann Holladay. He had fallen in love with Arizona and the Holladay's young daughter. On April 6, 1887, 30-year-old Green became the husband of 14-year-old Rhoda Polly.

Green was quite adept at a number of things to earn a living and had many business dealings, acquiring a home in Pima, acreage in Bryce and various wagons, horses, mules and other livestock. In early November 1891 Green left the area with a moderate sum of money on his person, going to Globe and at some point, joined up with Lyman Follett--having been seen together in Globe and in the Mesa-Tempe area.

In late December Green's body was found south of Tempe, shot in the head and badly burned. Prior to December 30th, Follett was back in Pima with a Power of Attorney from Green dated November 27th, 1891 which he used to start selling off the Green property. By this time Rhoda & John were parents of Reece D, Harry Ula and she was pregnant with Hollis Hade, who was born January 25th, 1892. A very intriguing and sad story.

Long a local controversary, Power’s War has been painstakingly researched and was shot in the locations where the events happened. Film-maker Cameron Trejo features interviews with family members on both sides and well-spoken historians. The film is Trejo’s 3rd documentary and holds a special fascination, locally, yet today. The 1918 ‘shoot out’ in the Galiuro Mountains of Graham County was more violent and deadly than Tombstone’s famous Gunfight at the OK Corral.

One version of this episode is the book “Shoot Out at Dawn” by Tom Power with John Whitlatch. Other historical books available are mount Graham by Cherrel & Bertell Weech, “Mt. Graham Profiles Vol. II” by Ryder Ridgeway, “Ft. Thomas and its People” by Myrna Hooper Curtis, and the museum’s Heritage Cookbook, with its many vignettes. CD’s and the book “Eastern Arizona College (The College of Many Names) 1888-2015” by Helen Ruth Cole is not only a great record of the school with its many financial struggles, setbacks and triumphs—but it incorporates much local history.

In “Hidden Treasures of the Black Range” Marshall Bulle and Larry Ditzer take you on a real west adventure when they began their decades-long search in New Mexico’s wild and rugged Black Range for an old canon found by cowboy Walt Nichols in the 1950’s, never dreaming they would accidentally discover the location of one of the southwest’s richest and most sought-after lost gold mines—The Lost Adams Diggins.

Those who have reached that magical age of 70 ½ , and have a Standard IRA, may be contemplating how to handle the required minimum distribution. This required distribution will be taxable, but if it puts one into a higher tax bracket, one can minimize tax liability by directing a portion of the distribution to a qualified nonprofit organization. The Eastern Arizona Museum is such an organization and proceeds help keep the museum open. All who work there are volunteers and the museum is in its 55th year of operation. Hours are Thursdays-Fridays-Saturdays from 10:00 – 3:00. For other times, call Edres Barney 928-485-3032.

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